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1) The House Rewards transfer program is available for a guest to transfer prepaid balances from House Rewards cards that have become lost, stolen, or damaged to a new card. Both the new and the old House Rewards cards must be registered for a transfer request to be completed. House Reward points cannot be transferred to another card for any reason.

2) Transfers between registered house rewards cards will only be processed if both cards are registered to the same guest. If both cards are not registered to the same guest, one of the card's registration information must be changed to match the other card.

3) Each House Rewards transfer must be processed manually in order to assess the validity of each transfer, and may take up to 7 - 10 business days to process.

4) The best way to eliminate the need to transfer points is to register your House Rewards card. That way, if you forget your card, your Barista can lookup your account using your PIN, rather than issuing you a new card. This also allows multiple guests to "share" a card if both guests know the PIN.

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