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Franchise opportunities are now available that can enable you to do just that. Be a part of our rapid and exciting expansion in an existing area or be the first one to bring Beans & Brews to a new market.

Whichever you choose, you will become a part of a team that has successfully proven itself since 1993. JOLT THE COMPETITION with High Altitude Roasting, a Distinctive Brand, Overall Guest Experience, and Cutting Edge Business Systems.

Stay in touch with your business from the back office, to your home office, or half way around the world. With our cutting edge business systems you will have thorough monitoring and control capabilities literally at your fingertips at anytime from anywhere. These systems will make life as a business owner easier and your operation more successful.

We may be one amongst hundreds in our Industry, but our branding sets us apart. Our brand is simple, yet bold and unique, and then of course there’s the quality. Everybody has the best quality, right? Who would say anything different? But while our competitors speak about Quality; we believe Quality speaks for itself!

Our coffee is roasted at 4,000 feet above sea level. The result is a smooth intensity that is unmatched from coffees roasted at lower altitudes. We have gained a significant advantage over our competitors through the process of High Altitude Roasting. There are few roasters of coffee that employ such a process and fewer still who understand the advantage of doing so.

We can teach you what we have learned since 1993 about how to create a House environment that welcomes your guests, and keeps them coming back over and over again.

The minimum amount of investment capital needed to meet our financial requirements is $250,000. The actual amount that is necessary to open a Beans & Brews may be less than this amount or more, and will vary on several factors. We understand that you may not yet have raised the necessary capital to start your business. However, you (or you and your partner/s) must currently have a total net worth that is in excess of $250,00 in order to qualify for a Beans & Brews Franchise. (Net Worth = Assets - Debts/Liabilities)

If you meet this net worth requirement and would like to receive more information regarding the Beans & Brews Franchise opportunity, please submit the form below.

Access the form here

The Original Home of High Altitude Roasting. 
When we first trademarked our High Altitude Roasting logo several years ago, nobody was talking about High Altitude Roasting. Beans & Brews has successfully brought this method of roasting to the forefront of our Industry
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